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Pessebre Vivent de Tossa – Lighthink Lab
40 anys Pessebre Vivent de Tossa de Mar
Mapping, Interactive
A project of four mapping points spread over the old town of Tossa de Mar in order to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of “Associació de Pessebre Vivent de Tossa de Mar”.
Each point, one of them interactive through the use of a piano, represented a mapping scene with real actors from the village in a huge project which managed to multiply the number of visitors by four (more than 3500 visitors).
  • Project Title: 40 anys Pessebre Vivent de Tossa de Mar
  • Category: Mapping, Interactive
  • Client: Ajuntament de Tossa de Mar
  • Year: 2019
  • Collaborators: Marçal Costabella