Oculis Naturae
“Oculis Naturae”, the eye of the nature (which was already there before the appearance of the men) who never complained when he was fed with it. Sometimes punished and mistreated, sometimes living in harmony and peace. However, he has always been observing us.
Through the mapping technique we will do a project where audiovisual technology and nature will coexist. At night we will project an eye in order to create a “drawing template” on the bark of the trees in order to create an anamorphic figure: the observing eye.
This projection will serve as a template for then draw the figure of the eye applied to nature by using biodegradable paint, remembering the white lime of the marks in the trees that have always created the man but this time noting that it is the nature that awakens and it also watches us …
What do we show? How do you see us? Do we deserve it?
  • Project Title: Oculis Naturae
  • Category: Performance Mapping · Land Art
  • Client: Second edition of the international festival Art & Gavarres
  • Year: 2019
  • Collaborators: Cal Mico · Júlia Berrido · Eduard Urtós