The project HOPE represents a re-reading of the history of the earth and the consequent footprint of the man.
The cube, in a pure and perfect form, appears and is discovered through its volcanic lava core and develops and grows as these layers become solidified. The earth has been born and has materialized by the “tears of metal” in harmony with Barberí space. Once this space is established, civilization appears through the “tower of Babel”. This is deformed because man appears on earth and cannot cement solid foundations for its future. Bells are ringing, like those made earlier in this space, but they are war bells…
The footprint of man destroys everything good that it has been given … Even so, nature is good and gives away to us gifts. A second opportunity that we should take advantage of and above all to remember that there is still hope…
  • Project Title: Hope
  • Category: Micromapping
  • Client: MIIA – Muestra Internacional para investigadores y artistas audiovisuales
  • Year: 2018
  • Collaborators: Eduard Urtós