Diorama Digital
Mapping · Interactive
In 1822 Louis Daguerre used for the first time the Diorama concept, a three-dimensional landscape model that showed historical events, landscapes or nature for educational or entertainment purposes, showing the absent movement that did not have the old scenes. Although many of the paintings imitated real locations and landscapes, credibility was not the main objective. What was being sought was that the scenes came alive and made the sense of reality, in the sense that it seemed that the viewer was really in the place he saw.
197 years later, we have reinterpreted the concept of diorama through the application of the digital arts in order to create an interactive micro-landscape where the viewer will control the nature contained in this cell of the anti-aircraft shelter.
  • Project Title: Diorama Digital
  • Category: Mapping · Interactive
  • Client: Ajuntament de Girona
  • Year: 2019
  • Collaborators: Flor a Punt · Júlia Berrido & Eduard Urtós · Rita Costa & Eric Macià